Lifestream Calcium Natural

For bones and teeth
  • Supports bone and teeth structure
  • Assists nerve and muscle function.

2 vegecaps per day $18.62 every 4 weeks

Benefits of Lifestream Calcium Natural
  • Supports the promotion of a strong healthy skeletal structure and optimal bone density as you age
  • Supports the neurotransmitter functioning for brain cell activity and nervous system functioning
  • Assists in the contraction and relaxation of muscles including the heart muscle.

Although bones seem permanent, they are actually being constantly renewed throughout your life and replaced with new bone tissue. In fact, your entire skeleton is renewed approximately every seven years.

You need calcium to be consumed with a variety of minerals (magnesium, boron, phosphorus and zinc) and vitamins like D and K to assist in the absorption of calcium into the bone matrix, promoting optimal bone structure maintenance and development. As you age, ensuring your bone density is strengthened is important in order to avoid brittle, weak and porous bones.

Your muscle cells need calcium to contract and relax. Here we aren’t just talking about your leg or arm muscles, but also the smooth muscle of your intestinal tract that is involved in the movement of waste through your body and cardiac muscle which is in the heart.

About Lifestream Calcium Natural

Lifestream Calcium Natural is produced from a certified organic sea vegetable called Lithothamnium calcareum. It has a unique porous ‘honeycomb-like’ structure for optimal absorption. This formula contains 33% elemental calcium. It contains a wide range of minerals and trace nutrients that can aid in the absorption of calcium such as boron, magnesium, zinc, copper, and iodine.

It's an ideal solution for those who have had broken bones and need extra nutritional support for bone density and strengthening bone structure.

Lifestream Calcium Natural

Dosage: 2 vegecaps

How to take: Take two vege capsules daily.

Ingredients: Per serving (1 capsule): Certified organic natural calcium (Lithothamnium calcareum) seaweed (83%) - Equiv to 300mg of elemental Calcium. Non-organic vegetarian capsule (hypromellose and water). Organic Cornstarch Vegetable magnesium stearate silica.

GF Gluten Free V Vegetarian Vg Vegan

If you are taking prescribed medications, please consult your healthcare professional before using.

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