Privacy Policy

The purpose of this policy is to let users of carepack.health2000.co.nz (the Website) know when Health 2000 + Limited (Health 2000) collects personal information and what Health 2000 does with it. Health 2000 does not use, share or transfer personal information except as set out in this policy.

1.    No need to disclose personal information

The Website can be viewed without the need to disclose any personal information to Health 2000.

2.    Collection of personal information by Health 2000

You may decide to disclose personal information to Health 2000 by providing identifying information when:

  1. subscribing to updates by email;
  2. adding comments, posts or other material to the Website;
  3. answering questionnaires designed to help Health 2000 tailor its products and services to you;
  4. ordering products and services from the Website;
  5. seeking information via the Website;
  6. applying for benefits via the Website;
  7. providing feedback on the Website.

The personal information that we collect may include:

  1. Your name;
  2. Your contact information;
  3. Information regarding your health, diet and lifestyle;
  4. Information regarding your purchase and browsing history on the Website.

Providing some information is optional. If you choose not to enter the requested information, you will be able to view the Website, but you may not be able to purchase products or take full advantage of the services Health 2000 provides.

The information you provide will be viewable by Health 2000 staff. To the extent that it forms part of material that you have submitted to be published, it may also be viewable by members of the public.

3.    Use of personal information

Health 2000 will only use personal information provided for the following purposes:

  1. to provide services offered by the Website, including to tailor Health 2000’s product and service offerings to your preferences ;
  2. to arrange for payment for those products and services;
  3. to enable users to collaborate and share information;
  4. to administer and evaluate the Website;
  5. to improve Health 2000’s services;
  6. to communicate with users of the Website.
4.    Holding of information

Personal information that you provide will be held by Health 2000. Health 2000 will keep your information safe by storing it digitally in encrypted files and only allowing authorised staff to access it. We are required to retain your information for 10 years from the date of your last transaction, at which point we will securely erase all digital information held.

Health 2000 does not collect or save customer bank account or credit card information. This information may be held by third-party payment vendors In addition, the Website and its contents are held by Health 2000’ web hosting provider.

5.    Commercial communications

Health 2000 may send occasional emails to you in relation to its current or future services. By agreeing to the terms of this policy, you consent to Health 2000 sending such emails to you. Any such emails will contain a functional unsubscribe facility, enabling you to opt-out of such messages at any time.

6.    Statistical information

Health 2000 may collect statistical information about your visit to help Health 2000 analyse usage of, and improve, the Website. This information includes:

  1. users’ IP addresses;
  2. users’ search terms;
  3. pages accessed on the Website;
  4. links that are clicked on;
  5. date and time of Website visits;
  6. previous visits to the Website;
  7. users’ operating systems;
  8. browsers used when accessing the Website.
7.    Cookies

The Website generates cookies for logged in members in order to store user settings and preferences. Cookies are small text files that can be read by a webserver in the domain that put the cookies on your hard drive.

8.    Self-access and correction

Registered members are able to access and change their change their details (name, email address, payment and contact details).

9.    Your rights

You have the right to access and to request correction of any of your personal information provided to Health 2000 in connection with your use of the Website. If you would like to see the personal information relating to you that Health 2000 has stored, or to request correction of that personal information, or if you have any concerns regarding your privacy, please contact Health 2000 by any of the means set out below. Health 2000 may require proof of your identity before being able to provide you with any personal information.

10.   Privacy Officer

If you have any queries and concerns about our website privacy policy please contact,

Privacy Officer: Demelza Ballinger
PO Box 1348
New Zealand

11.   Contact Details

Should you have any questions, complaints or comments, please contact Health 2000 at: info@health2000.co.nz.